Set of two Candlesticks
– gold  W10-G
– silver W10-S


Required materials (from left to right):
DV 755-S, KR 666-S, KR 621-S, OV 900,
jewel cement, black waterproof pen, scissors.

Glue the ornaments to each other in the following order:
DV 755-S, KR 666-S, KR 621-S.
Cut off the candle to a total length of approximately 17 mm.
Color the wick of the candle black with the waterproof pen.
Glue the candle upright in the candle holder (KR 621-S).

You can order a set of parts to make these candlesticks
in the webshop with order number W10-S (silver) or
W10-G (gold)