Wall mirror with colored pendants


Wall mirror with colored pendants.
Available as a kit in the web shop with order number K 8.
Mirror sheet and tape are included in the kit.
You also need: jewel cement and nail polish or glass paint.

Glue the mirror sheet to the back of the frame with jewel cement.
Don’t forget to remove the protective film first.

Open the top rings of the pendants
(these are folded on top of each other)
and remove the stones (A).
Tip: the best way to open the rings is with your nails.
Place the stones on double sided tape,
paint them with nail polish or glass paint and allow to dry (B).
The stones only need to be painted on one side.
Put the stones back in the setting and
close the rings by folding them back (C).

Attach the pendants to the frame with the open rings.
Embellish the frame with rhinestones.

Available as a kit in the web shop with order number K 8.