Hand fan

Requirements: to make this little fan you need:
11 cm cotton lace (1,5 cm wide), scissors, a clothpin,
rosetool, needle and thread, pleater, glue (OV910),
ornaments FL204 & FL337

Put the lace in your pleater, spray it with starch and let it dry well.

Gather the pleated lace…..

Tie a knot and trim the excess thread.

Bend the round ornament as shown in the picture.

Apply a dot of glue onto the ornament.

Put the lace inside the ornament.

Fold the ornament tightly around the lace.

Apply a dot of glue in the middel of the fan.

Put the handle on the dot of glue.

Keep the handle in place with a clothpin and let it dry for 24 hours.

If you like you can decorate your fan with little silk roses as shown in this picture.
Have fun!

Workshop of Tanja Verlaek