How to make Tassels

Louis Vuitton handbags in the picture above are made by Jose Gomez.
The tassels have been added later on for demonstration purposes.
This workshops shows you how to make little tassels.
These are beautiful to embellish not only handbags but many other miniatures too.

Required materials:
A piece of thin cardboard (12 x 15 mm), needle, thin (sewing)thread,
sharp scissors, Tacky glue, super glue (gel).
Ornaments: OR115 (OR115-S), DV771 (DV771-S), DV765 (DV765-S)
The tags attached to the handbags are ornaments OR118 and OR118-S.

Cut a piece of thin cardboard of 12 x 15 mm.
Wrap it with thin yarn on the short side, not too tight, about 12 windings.

Insert the thread into a needle and pass the needle under the yarn.

Insert the needle through the formed loop, tighten the thread
and repeat this again (pass the needle under the yarn again etc.).

Make a double knot with the beginning of the thread.

Cut the threads at the bottom of the cardboard with a sharp scissors.
Add the top two threads to the tassel and cut them to length.

Apply a little Tacky glue to the top of the tassel, let it dry for about five minutes,
then make a pointed tip with your fingers. Let this dry completely.
Apply a little super glue in the tube (OR115) and slide this over the tassel.
Cut the tassel to the desired length.
Attach the tassel with a ring (DV771) to the handbag or
to a piece of chain (DV765) and then to the handbag.