Christmas Pyramid   W9


Required materials (from left to right):

DV 752, FL 274, KR 639 (4x), OV 900-R (4x), SR 681 (3x), KR 666 (2x), FL 282,
KR 690, KR 691 (2x), OR 012 or OR 013 (4x), DV 771 (4x), FL 338, KR 652

Combination pliers, tweezers, cutting pliers, jewel cement,
superglue, small hammer, firm pair of scissors, round pointed file.

This Christmas Pyramid is no longer as a kit available.

Bend four points of FL 274 upwards to a horizontal position with the combination pliers.
Skip two points between the points to be bend.

Glue the candleholders (KR 639) on the knick of the bended points with jewel cement.

Cut off the pin (DV 752) to a length of approximately 5 cm and make it straight.
Glue the pin with superglue in the center hole of FL 274. Let it dry thoroughly.

Put the following ornaments on the pin: SR 681, KR 666, SR 681, KR666.
Apply  a little bit of jewel cement between these parts.

File the little tube (KR 690) a little bit wider so it can just stand on top of KR 691.
Put KR 691 through the center hole of FL 282.
Place the little tube KR 690 on top of KR 691 and give it a gentle
smash with the hammer in order to let the tube fit over KR 691.

Attach the four angels (OR 012 or OR 013) to FL 282 using the open rings (DV 771)
and the combination pliers. Skip two holes between the angels.

Put FL 282 on the pin; the little tube will partly fall over the upper KR 666.
Then put the third SR 681 on the pin. Do not apply any glue between these parts.

Make the propeller of the Christmas pyramid by cutting FL 338
up to the edge of the center hole.
Bend the blades of the propeller into the right position using the combination pliers.

Put the second KR 691 on the pin with the tube part of KR 691 upwards.
Then put FL 338 on the pin with the tube of KR 691 through the
center hole of FL 338.
Still no glue.

Cut off the pin so it sticks out 2 mm. Put some jewel cement on the top of
the pin and glue the little bead (KR 652) on the pin.  

Cut off the candles to a length of 1 cm and glue them in the candle holders.
Let it dry thoroughly.
If you blow gently against the propeller the little angels will turn and fly!