Rotating Condiment Set W17


This condiment set consists of an oil and vinegar bottle and a salt and pepper shaker
on a rotating tray. Also very nice as a tray with perfume bottles.
You can order a full set of parts to make this spice set in the webshop
with order number W17.

Required materials from left to right:
OV 925, FL 434, DV 725, KR 693, KR 694, KR 652, KR 666, OR 083,
SRP 652 (4x), SR 695 (2x), SR 687 (2x), FL 451 (4x), KR 687 (2x).

Furthermore you need a round pointed file, a cutter (preferably an old one),
a ruler, jewel cement and cocktail sticks.

Cut off the pin (OV 925) to a total length of 1,4 cm. Do not use your best cutter
but an old one; these pins are made of steel and fairly hard.
Cover the work with your hand while you are cutting the pin because the pieces
will fly everywhere. Glue KR 693 on the pin.
Each time you are gluing something let the work dry before continuing.

File the center hole of DV 725 if necessary a little bit wider so KR 694 fits in easily.
DV 725 should be able to rotate freely around KR 694. Do not glue these pieces.

Glue the pin with KR 693 in the center hole of FL 434, make sure the pin stands vertical.

Glue KR 694 on the pin covering KR 693.

Glue KR 652 on the pin and glue the four crystal  strass stones on the edge of FL 434.

Make the salt and pepper shakers by gluing FL 451 on SR 687.
Make the oil and vinegar bottles by gluing FL 451 on SR 695.
You can glue the lids (KR 687) on the bottles or you can just
place them on top of FL 451 without gluing them.

Glue the bottles and the shakers on the tray (DV 725);
make sure the center hole of the tray stays free.
Let dry and place the tray on the pin.
Do not glue so the tray can rotate.

Glue KR 666 on the pin; make sure KR 666 stands vertical.
Glue OR 083 in KR 666 and your rotating condiment set is finished.

Instead of the condiment jars you can put perfume bottles or other cosmetic items
on the tray. This looks nice on a dressing table or on the counter of a shop.