Candy Dish  W13-G / W13-S


Required materials:
Gold color: KR 641, FL 337, 2 x OR 097
Silver color: KR 643-S, FL 337-S, 2 x OR 097-S
Combination pliers, jewel cement, cloth peg

This candy dish is no longer as a kit available.

Glue the two handles (OR 097) to each other with the “nice” side outwards.

Bend the points of ornament FL 337 upwards with the combination pliers
in order to form a dish with an edge.

Bend two opposite points of FL 337 a little bit inwards in order to hook the handle in place.
Bend the points outwards again so the handle can stand upwards.


Glue the dish on the foot (KR 641/KR 643-S) and fill it with sweets.
In the picture you can see a dish that has been painted crème and is filled with strawberries.