5-spoke Chandelier with crystal pendants W16


This chandelier is no longer as a kit available.

Required tools from left to right: file with round point, round nose pliers,
chain nose pliers, bended chain nose pliers, side cutter, flexible beading needle.
Furthermore you need cocktail sticks and superglue (gel).

Required materials from left to right:
FL406, KR684, KR691(2x), FL265, KR616, FL451(5x), OV900-W(5x),
DV753, DV751(10x), DV765, DV769(2x),
SR674(5x), SR684(30x), SR685(70x), SR686(10x), CK1010-16, CK1010-5

File the holes of the flowers of ornament FL406 a little bit wider
to make the candle holders (FL451) fit.
Do not glue the candle holders at this time but remove them from the holes.
Bend the flowers of FL406 horizontally, just the flowers not the whole branches;
the ornament should hold its bended shape.

File the holes on both sides of KR684 a little bit wider to make KR691 fit.
Placing KR691 on a cocktail stick will make it easier to try whether KR691 fits in KR684.
Remove KR691 from KR684.
In the Workshop Kit the holes of KR684 are already made to size.

Make 5 bead swags between the eyes of ornament FL406.
Each swag consists of 10 crystal beads (SR685) with a
cristal drop bead (SR674) in the middle.
Cut off a piece of copper wire (OV930-G) of approximately 15cm.
Put a little piece of the wire (+/- 3cm) through an eye of FL406 and
fold it back (look at A on the photo).
Put 2 beads on the double wire close to the eye and bend the 2 pieces of wire
apart from each other to prevent the beads from slipping off again
( look at B on the photo).
Put the remaining beads on the long, single wire with the drop bead
in the middle (look at C on the photo).

Put the wire from bottom to top through the next hole of FL406
and put it over the edge back through the top 2 beads.
Pull the wire tight with the chain nose pliers and cut it off just after
the second bead with the side cutter.
Cut off the short piece of wire just after the first second bead as well
(look at next photo). Make another 4 bead swags between the remaining
eyes of FL406 in the same way.

Place KR691 on a cocktail stick and put a little bit of glue on the edge of KR691.
Put FL406 on top of KR691 and put a little bit of glue around the piece of KR691
that sticks upward through the hole of FL406 (look at arrow on photo).
Put KR684 on top of KR691, push it firmly together and let dry.
Placing the ornaments on a cocktail stick makes it easier to apply the glue
and push the ornaments together.

File the center hole of FL265 a little bit wider to make the second KR691 fit.
Place KR691 on a cocktail stick, put a little bit of glue on the edge of KR691
and put FL 265 on top of KR691. Let dry.

Make 10 pendants, each containing 3xSR684, 2xSR685 and 1xSR686 beads
on the pin DV751.
How to make these pendants you can find in the Techniques section:
making loops and pendants.
Attach the 10 pendants to the holes of ornament FL265 as described
in the Techniques section: how to open and close jump rings.

Put a little bit of glue around the piece of KR691 that sticks upward
through the hole of FL265. Put KR691 in the top hole of KR684.
Let dry.

Put the pin DV753 (with the eye at the bottom) through the chandelier
and through the bead KR616.

Slide the ornaments on the pin tight and make a loop in the pin as close to the bead
as possible (see Techniques section of this website: making loops and pendants).
The Workshop Kit contains a reserve pin so you can practice the making of a loop.

Place the light bulb (CK1010-5) in the fitting (CK1010-16) as described in:
inserting bi-pin bulbs into candle sockets.
Put the beading needle (OV920) through the chandelier with the eye at the bottom.
Fold the bare ends of the cables around the eye of the beading needle.
Pull the needle with the cables gently upwards through the chandelier and
release the cables from the needle.

Cut the chain (DV765) to the desired length.
Attach the chain to the eye of the pin with a jump ring (DV769)
(see Techniques section: how to open and close jump rings).
Attach a second jump ring to the other end of the chain in order
to hang the chandelier.

Glue the candle holders (FL451) in the flowers of ornament FL406.
Cut the candles to the desired length and glue them in the candle cups.