Table light
– with light W3-V
– without light W3-K


Required materials and tools.
Ornaments from left to right:
FL 261, KR 614, FL 277, FL 269, KR 623, CK1010-16, CK1010-12.
Jewel cement, dark stain, acrylic paint (black), round pointed file,
tweezers, scissors, cocktail sticks, a piece of styropor, paint brush, old cloth.

This table light is no longer as a kit available.

File one of the holes of ornament KR 614 large enough to fit ornament FL 277
2 to 3 mm in the hole. First make a turning movement with the file and then,
when the hole has become a little bit larger, move the file up and down.

Now the ornaments can be stained or painted.
Put the ornaments on cocktail sticks and place the sticks in a piece of styropor.
Apply the stain with a brush and let it dry completely according to the instructions of the stain.
A dark stain (e.g. walnut or mahogany) will result in a bronze patina.

If you choose to paint the ornaments, use black acrylic paint and let it dry for a short while.
Then wipe away the paint partially with an old cloth. The result is an antique finish.

Glue FL 277 inside KR 614 with jewel cement. Glue this combination onto FL 261.
Make sure that the holes in the middle are centered above each other and free of glue.
Glue FL269 on top of FL 277. Let it dry.

Open the three inner leaves of KR 623 a little bit with the tweezers.
Put the cable of the candle socket through KR 623 and push the leaves against the candle.

Put the cable through the foot of the lamp. To make this easier you can twist
the ends of the cable together and bend the metal ends back along the white insulation.
Put a little bit of glue on the bottom of the rose ornament and on top of FL 269
and pull the rose against FL269. Let it dry.

Cut off the metal ends of the bulb (CK1010-12) to make the bulb fit into the candle socket.
Don’t cut off too much at once but try piece by piece until the bulb fits nicely into the socket.
(look at: Techniques: inserting bi-pin bulbs into candle sockets).

Finally put the cable through one of the holes in the side of ornament FL 261
and your light is ready to be connected.

Have fun!