Small no hole pearls

New: small pearls without a hole: SRP650. Beautiful as decoration on jewelry, bags, clothing etc. but also nice as bath pearls

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Quantity Discount

Check out the section "Quantity Discount": buy 10 pieces of these ornaments and you only pay for 9. As to the suitcase corners (DV780-Q [...]

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Suitcase Corners

Suitcase corners now available in gold DV780 and in silver DV780-S. The finishing touch to all kinds of suitcases, trunks, boxes etc. [...]

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More ornaments with Quantity Discount

The number of ornaments with Quantity Discount is further extended. Check it out: Quantity Discount   

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How to make

In the section Techniques you can find a video clip how to make this  picture frame.

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How to make tassels

This new workshop shows you how to make little tassels. Very nice to decorate handbags, furniture, curtains etcetera. This workshop introduces four new ornaments [...]

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New Silver-colored Ornaments

We are happy to meet the demand of many customers by expanding the collection of silver-colored ornaments. The following ornaments are now available [...]

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Crystal Rondelles

New ornaments at Bindels Ornaments: S   SR664, SR665, SR666, SR668, SR670. At the picture you can see cosmetic jars made of these rondelle beads. [...]

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New: clips with smooth jaws.

Very handy for soldering or gluing ornaments but also to clamp other materials like fabric, cardboard etc. The smooth jaws do not damage [...]

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