Bindels Ornaments

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Bindels Ornaments

News - April 14th 2016

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From april 13th until april 24th BindelsOrnaments gives a discount of 20% on every internet order of 10 euro or more.

The discount will be applied after we have received your order and applies worldwide.


News - 18th of february 2016

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New products: beading wire, gold and silver colored.

This beading wire is very thin but at the same time strong and pliable.

Particularly suitable for making beaded garlands of chandeliers.


News - November 14th 2015

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Etagères also available in silver color

You can order these in the webshop "Workshop Kits" as W8-GS and W8-KS.
The instructions are described in the section "Workshops" (Etagère in two different models).


News - December 20th 2015

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Christmas tree garland

Connect the rosette ornaments (KR 634) to each other by means of the rings (DV 771) and glue a rhinestone (SRP 655) in the middle of each rosette. The garland can be made as long as you want and of course you can use any other color of rhinestone.


Welcome to Bindels Ornaments

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BindelsOrnaments sells all kinds of ornaments, especially selected for the dolls house and miniature hobby.



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